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Gord Meneer

NDP candidate for Steinbach



NDP's promises

Bring in $10/day childcare all year, including summer months, with flexible hours

"Today in Rossmere Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew, joined by young families, committed to making childcare work for every Manitoban. Kinew promised an NDP government would expand the $10/day program to include summer months for school age children and make childcare hours more flexible for shift workers." —, 2023-08-20

Fuel and transportation costs

NDP's promises

Suspend the gas tax for at least 6 months
Task the Public Utilities Board with investigating and regulating retail gas prices

Post-secondary costs and loans

NDP's promises

Repeal Bill 33
Provide more post-secondary grants and student aid

Public transit

NDP's promises

Switch transit bus fleets to electric
Work with local companies, including New Flyer, to create jobs in electrified transit

Tax measures and rebates

NDP's promises

Keep the PST at the current rate
Keep the education property tax rebate at 50% for residential and farmers
Index income tax brackets


NDP's promises

Freeze Hydro rates for one year
Ban surge pricing for Hydro

Climate Change & the Environment

Electric vehicles

NDP's promises

Create a "clean energy hub" to invest in building charging stations and networks
Provide $4,000 rebates for new and $2,500 and used EVs and plug-in hybrids

Environmental organisations

NDP's promises

Restore funding to environmental organisations that was cut in 2020

"Restore funding to environmental organizations cut by the PCs in 2020 and work with them to fight climate change" —, retrieved 2023-09-19


NDP's promises

Stop deforestation and plant more trees

"End the PC Government’s practice of deforestation and plant more trees to improve Manitoba's green spaces and protect Manitobans from extreme heat." —, retrieved 2023-09-19

Green construction and retrofits

NDP's promise

Help 5,000 families install geothermal heating and cooling with no up-front cost

"A Manitoba NDP government will help 5,000 families switch to geothermal heating and cooling. Through Efficiency Manitoba, families will be able to get a new geothermal system with no up-front cost and no need to find an installer. This plan will lower energy bills for families by up to 50%, on top of the NDP’s commitment to freezing monthly hydro bills. Geothermal energy has proven to be a simple, affordable and efficient home energy solution, but under the PC government, it’s been underutilized.

By hiring local, qualified contractors to install more geothermal systems, the NDP’s energy plan will create 1,000 clean energy jobs per year across the province." —, 2023-09-20


NDP's promises

Reverse the current government's changes to Crown Land leases
Conserve at least 30% of lands and waters by 2030

"Work with Indigenous communities to conserve at least 30% of Manitoba’s lands and waters by 2030." —, retrieved 2023-09-19

Public transit

NDP's promises

Switch transit bus fleets to electric
Work with local companies, including New Flyer, to create jobs in electrified transit


NDP's promises

Conserve at least 30% of lands and waters by 2030

"Work with Indigenous communities to conserve at least 30% of Manitoba’s lands and waters by 2030." —, retrieved 2023-09-19

Work with municipalities to improve surface-water protections
Finish upgrading the North End Water Pollution Control Centre
Provide adequate funding for waste-water management

"Work with municipalities to improve surface-water protections and ensure there is adequate funding for waste-water management so communities can grow" —, retrieved 2023-09-19


French schooling

NDP's promises

Restore the Assistant Deputy Minister Position for French Education
Recruit more French-language teachers
Reverse cuts to French language education at the Université de Saint-Boniface

Indigenous learning

NDP's promises

Appoint an Assistant Deputy Minister "for Indigenous Excellence"
Provide more Indigenous language programmes in schools

International students

NDP's promises

Restore funding for international student health coverage

K-12 funding

NDP's promises

Give schools stable, predictable funding
Reduce class sizes for younger grades so students can have more one-on-one attention
Pass Public-Private-Partnership "accountability legislation" to keep private business interests out of classrooms

"Bring in new P3 accountability legislation to protect schools and keep private business interests out of our classrooms." —, retrieved 2023-09-19

Learning needs

NDP's promise

Hire more teachers and EAs for kids with additional needs

Post-secondary costs and loans

NDP's promises

Repeal Bill 33
Provide more post-secondary grants and student aid

Post-secondary research

NDP's promises

Increase funding to Research Manitoba

School curriculum

NDP's promises

Update the K-12 curriculum with a focus on math and reading
Increase STEM programming in secondary school

"Increase STEM programming at high schools across the province in coordination with post-secondary institutions so Manitobans are ready for the jobs of tomorrow" —, retrieved 2023-09-19

School nutrition

NDP's promises

Create a province-wide school nutrition programme


Cancer care

NDP's promises

Build a new CancerCare building for care and research at the Health Sciences Centre

Cardiac care

NDP's promises

Create a Centre of Excellence for cardiac care at St. Boniface hospital


NDP's promise

Create a Centre of Excellence for Kidney Care at the Seven Oaks hospital, with an expanded dialysis programme

"We will create a Centre of Excellence for Kidney Care at the Seven Oaks hospital and expand their dialysis program to address the high rates of diabetes in Manitoba. This will also reduce the stress on HSC and free up paramedics in the process by reducing interfacility transfers." — 2023 Election Platform

Drugs and addiction

NDP's promises

Establish a supervised consumption site in downtown Winnipeg
Pass an Unexplained Wealth Act to target drug traffickers
Expand detox beds

Emergency wait-times

NDP's promises

Hire 200 paramedics within 4 years

"The NDP also pledged to bolster the front lines and replace the nearly 100 paramedics cut by Stefanson since 2019 with a plan to add 100 more by the end of a first term." —, 2023-09-01

Build 3 new ERs in Winnipeg and a new ER in Eriksdale

"Build 3 new ERs in Winnipeg starting at Victoria then Concordia and Seven Oaks Hospitals" —, retrieved 2023-09-18

Health staffing

NDP's promises

Hire back 300 nurses that were cut by the current government, and expand retention benefits to all nurses

"Expanding the retention incentives to include all nurses who were excluded by Heather Stefanson’s PCs." —, 2023-09-07

Hire 400 more physicians in 5 years
Create an office to help internationally-accredited health professionals work through credentialling and registration, waive permanent residence requirements for language courses, and provide financial aid for professionals to take required courses

"The Manitoba NDP will streamline the credentialing and registration process with a 5-step plan: 

  • Creating a Newcomer Workplace Navigator Office within the Government of Manitoba to support IEHPs through the credentialling and registration process.
  • Waiving the permanent residence requirement for language courses.
  • Providing financial aid for IEHPs taking required courses.
  • Working towards creating more opportunities for practice clinic hours in the province
  • Bringing colleges, academic institutions, and health employers together to collaborate on registering more health professionals and reversing the PCs cut to health coverage for international students." —, 2023-09-15
Expand the University of Manitoba's Bannatyne campus with a new building to train more staff

"The new seats will make up for the 300 cumulative nursing seats the PCs cut from Red River College in 2019 and address the doctor shortage that has reached an all-time high under Heather Stefanson’s watch.

The innovative campus capital expansion will start with a new building, built by Manitobans, that will have more spaces for nurses, doctors, nurse practitioners and physicians' assistants and will include new technology for virtual classrooms to make programs more accessible for rural students." —, 2023-07-28

End mandatory overtime for nurses

"Developing a plan to end mandatory overtime for nurses and work to implement better nurse-patient ratios." —, 2023-09-07

Provide continuing education for nurse practitioners

"Kinew said if his party forms government on October 3rd, he will commit to an ambitious health care recruitment plan. He promised to hire back the 300 nurses to make up for the 300 nurses Heather Stefanson cut from Winnipeg, a corresponding commitment for rural and northern nurse staffing and he committed to Doctors Manitoba’s target of hiring 400 more physicians. He also committed to hiring more paramedics, home care workers and personal care home staff. This plan will cost $500 million dollars over four years." —, 2023-08-27


NDP's promises

Open 5 new Neighbourhood Minor Illness and Injury Clinics

"Clinics like The Minor Illness and Injury Clinic reduce pressure on ER’s and reduce overall costs to the health care system by accepting lower acuity patients for single visits. These clinics provide families with an after-hours option for minor injuries and illnesses like a broken bone, minor cut or strep throat. You can book an appointment on-line and be seen within a 20-minute window of your appointment time." —, 2023-09-06

"A Manitoba NDP government will support five new Neighborhood Illness and Injury Clinics. These clinics will be staffed with a team of ER doctors, nurses and technologists. The clinics will be open for extended hours and offer same-day appointments through on-line booking. A Manitoba NDP government will offer incentives to health care staff to open these clinics with expanded hours in the neighborhoods where they are needed most." —, 2023-09-06

Create a Centre of Excellence for joint surgery at the Concordia hospital
Add an MRI machine at the Thompson Hospital
Add 12 new step-down beds to the Grace hospital, and provide $5M per year to clear the surgical backlog

"The day after wait times at the Grace emergency room hit 17 hours, Manitoba NDP Leader Wab Kinew announced his plan to bring wait times down by adding 12 additional step-down beds to the Grace hospital." —, 2023-09-18

"The NDP's commitment to add 12 additional step-down beds will cost $3.6 million. These beds will have 1-1 patient ratios for higher acuity patients who are ready to move out of the ER." —, 2023-09-18

"The Manitoba NDP also committed today to expanding surgical capacity at the Grace hospital. Instead of ignoring the surgeons at the Grace, Kinew said a Manitoba NDP government would work with them to find solutions to clearing the surgical backlog starting by adding five elective orthopaedic surgery beds, two surgical slates and restoring the physiotherapy department to its full capacity after it was cut by Heather Stefanson. The NDP is committing $5 million per year in operating funding to get this done." —, 2023-09-18

Prenatal and postnatal care

NDP's promises

Double the Prenatal Benefit

"We will double the Manitoba Prenatal benefit to help new moms with healthy food." — 2023 Election Platform

Restore birth services to northern Manitoba

"Restoring birthing services to Northern Manitoba, including in Pimicikamak Cree Nation and Norway House, so that families have culturally appropriate care in their home communities surrounded by friends and family." —, 2023-09-23

Primary care

NDP's promises

Open 4 new team-based primary care centres in Winnipeg and one in Brandon

"This plan will help new and existing clinics become one-stop shops where families can have all their needs met by Primary Care Teams. These teams can include family doctors, nurse practitioners, mental health workers, physician’s assistants, social workers, pharmacists and other allied health professionals. This initiative will respond to local community health needs while complementing services already available in local clinics and will make Manitoba a national leader in transforming medical care." —, 2023-09-08

Include social workers, occupational therapists, mental health clinicians, and pharmacists in primary care teams

"Including allied health professionals like social workers, occupational therapists, mental health clinicians and pharmacists in Primary Care Teams within family medical centres to offer wraparound supports with extended family-friendly hours." —, 2023-09-27

Rural healthcare

NDP's promises

Create a path for LPNs to become RNs in their home community
Incentivise allied health professionals to work in rural and northern communities

"Offering targeted incentives to allied health professionals to work in rural and Northern communities, including more diagnostic imaging and lab technologists." —, 2023-09-27

Seniors' health and services

NDP's promises

Legislate an independent Seniors' Advocate
Increase homecare hours for seniors, hire 100 homecare workers, and reimburse workers for mileage

"Kinew committed $5 million toward mileage increases and hiring incentives to restore homecare services that have been cut, clawed back and privatized under Heather Stefanson." —, 2023-09-10

Provide more hours of care for residents in Personal Care Homes

Sexual and reproductive health

NDP's promises

Make prescription birth control free
Increase the Fertility Treatment Tax Credit to 80%

Women's health

NDP's promises

Reopen the Mature Women's Centre at the Victoria Hospital
Expand coverage for more menopause hormone therapy drugs
Create a Centre of Excellence for Women's Health at the Victoria Hospital

Housing & Homelessness

Affordable housing

NDP's promise

Bring in more oversight and protections for affordable housing for seniors

Home construction and supply

NDP's promises

Remove the PST from new rental builds


NDP's promise

End chronic homelessness in 2 terms using the Houston-style housing-first model

Rental housing

NDP's promises

Increase the renter's tax credit to $700
Prevent landlords from applying for unnecessary/large rent increases

"The Manitoba NDP will bring in legislation that strengthens rent control by preventing landlords from applying for unnecessary and large rent increases and prevent them from passing along increases that have not been approved. Under the NDP’s plan, landlords would also be prevented from revoking or reducing rent discounts within the first year an above-guideline increase is implemented. Kinew also promised to create oversight of affordable housing to protect seniors and other renters and bring in a $700 tax credit to make rent more affordable." —, 2023-08-25

Remove the PST from new rental builds

Jobs, Businesses, & Labour

Film & TV

NDP's promises

Give a cash advance upfront for movie productions made in Manitoba, instead of after expenses

"He promised to modernize the Film and Video Production Tax Credit by giving a cash advance upfront to companies that come to Manitoba to make movies and create jobs instead of after they’ve incurred expenses." —, 2023-09-20

Fishing & Aquaculture

NDP's promises

Start an advisory table to consult with commercial fishers


NDP's promises

Create a blue ribbon panel to look into infrastructure
Fund road improvements for PR 280, PR 374, and PR 391, and build more rest stops on Highway 6

"Support funding for road improvements for PR 280 to benefit Tataskweyak Cree Nation, PR 374 to benefit Pimicikamak Cree Nation and PR 391 to benefit Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation.

Improve safety on Highway 6 with more rest stops." —, 2023-09-23

Build an airport at Wasagamack First Nation
Fund a new 40-firefighter fire hall in Waverley West
Rebuild the Park Community Centre in Brandon with a new childcare facility

"The Manitoba NDP pledged to invest up to $1 million to demolish and rebuild the Park Community Centre. Their plans for the new building would include a childcare centre. Kinew said his government would work with the city and the community to design a space that best serves the needs of the community." —, 2023-08-14

Study rail-relocation with municipalities and the federal government

"We will work with municipalities and the federal government to launch a rail-relocation study to prevent environmental damage and keep Manitobans safe." — 2023 Election Platform

Mining and minerals

NDP's promises

Develop a Critical Minerals Strategy with Indigenous Peoples

"Develop a real Critical Minerals Strategy to sustainably grow our critical minerals sector in partnership with Indigenous Peoples." —, retrieved 2023-09-19

Startups and small businesses

NDP's promises

Bring together leaders from business, trades, agriculture, Indigenous communities, and labour unions in a Premier's Council


NDP's promises

Dedicate a minister to the Tourism file


NDP's promises

Restore the 1-1 apprentice ratio

Society & Government


NDP's promises

Balance the budget within the first term

Gender-based violence

NDP's promise

Create a new strategy to make sexual assault nurse examiners available 24/7 across the province, and hire 7 full-time-equivalent nursing positions

"An NDP government would develop a new provincial strategy to ensure that sexual assault nurse examiners (SANE) are available 24/7 in urban, rural and northern Manitoba. An NDP government would hire 7 FTE nursing positions to support this commitment. The NDP would also make improvements to the waiting room to improve comfort and care for sexual assault patients at HSC and future capital improvements to support the SANE program." —, 2023-09-27

Indigenous Women, Girls, & 2-Spirited People

NDP's promises

Reinstate the Special Advisor on Indigenous Women's Issues

"Additionally, the Manitoba NDP will reinstate the role of the Special Advisor on Indigenous Women’s Issues, who will work directly with MMIWG2S+ families and report directly to the responsible Minister." —, 2023-08-11

Establish 24/7 drop-in centres for Indigenous Women, Girls, and 2-Spirited Peoples in Winnipeg, Brandon, and Thompson
Create a specific Indigenous Victim Services Unit in the justice department
Review and modernise the Compensation for Victims of Crime programme to align it with MMIWG2S+ families' needs
Start a provincial database of MMIWG2S+
Set police standards for MMIWG2S+ cases

"Furthermore, a Manitoba NDP administration will aim to empower law enforcement agencies in capturing violent perpetrators by ensuring police standards are in place when MMIWG2S+ cases are investigated such as: confirming that nation-wide police data systems are consistently utilized and standardizing how sexual assault cases are investigated." —, 2023-08-11

Public safety

NDP's promises

Pass an Unexplained Wealth Act to target drug traffickers
Provide a $2.5M rebate programme for security alarms, cameras, and motion sensor lights for homes and small businesses

"Helping families stay safe at home and protecting small businesses with a $2.5 million rebate program for security updates like security alarms, doorbell cameras and motion sensor lights." —, 2023-08-17

Provide $12M to hire 100 mental health workers to respond to non-violent calls

"Helping the police focus on their jobs by hiring 100 mental health workers to work alongside law enforcement and respond to non-violent calls with a $12 million annual investment in new jobs." —, 2023-08-17

Implement the National Police Federation's recommendations on bail reform

"Improving bail measures by implementing the National Police Federations recommendations on bail reform including support for better data sharing among law enforcement, investments in rural broadband to improve bail monitoring and introducing standard qualifications for those who conduct bail hearings." —, 2023-08-17

Build a new jail in Dauphin

Searching the Prairie Green Landfill

NDP's promise

Support searching the Prairie Green Landfill

Misc. topics

Arts and culture

NDP's promises

Invest $8M more annually in the creative sector

"Kinew also announced a new $8 million annual investment in the creative sector to support local artists and festivals, musicians and performing arts organizations with both capital funding and grants." —, 2023-09-20

Francophone culture

NDP's promises

Support the renewal of le Centre culturel franco-manitobain's main entrance


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from the party's website

Gord Meneer is running as your NDP candidate in Steinbach. 

Gord has lived, raised a family and been an active community member in the southeast for over 20 years. 

He is an active CUPE member, currently sitting as the Vice-President for CUPE 998, an Area Vice- President for CUPE Manitoba and he serves on its National Global Justice committee. 

As part of the Manitoba NDP team, Gord will fix health care and make your life more affordable.