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Housing & Homelessness platforms

Here's what the Manitoba 2023 parties are promising.

Affordable housing

We don't have any PC policies on Affordable housing.


  • Bring in more oversight and protections for affordable housing for seniors
We don't have any Liberal policies on Affordable housing.

Home construction and supply

We don't have any PC policies on Home construction and supply.


  • Create 10K new housing units in 10 years

    "Manitoba Liberals will work with all levels of government, Manitoba Housing, private landlords, and organizations to create 10,000 new housing units in the next ten years. This will be accomplished by renovating existing units, purchasing or building new units for low-income housing, and incentivize the construction of new apartment blocks and multi-dwelling units which include a proportion of low-income housing." — Dougald Lamont & the Manitoba Liberals — Real Choice, Real Change

Home purchases and ownership

We don't have any NDP policies on Home purchases and ownership.


  • Repeal 80% of the property tax rebate
  • Make remaining rebates progressive, with larger rebates for lower-income people

    "We will preserve some rebates as an affordability measure for lower income Manitobans, small property owners, Manitobans with disabilities and seniors on fixed incomes. As with our income tax cuts, we will ensure that those who have smaller incomes will receive larger rebates. This will provide genuine tax relief to those who need it most while also staying fiscally responsible." — Dougald Lamont & the Manitoba Liberals — Real Choice, Real Change



  • Provide $250K to help upgrade the Winnipeg Kinsmen Veterans Village

    "In a groundbreaking move, the PC Party unveiled a pledge to grant $250,000 to support the Homes for Heroes Foundation’s sustainability plan in the Winnipeg Kinsmen Veterans Village. This funding will aid in retrofitting and efficiency upgrades, ensuring veterans in the village benefit from energy-efficient homes while contributing to a more sustainable future for all Manitobans. Lower maintenance costs for veteran residents will be an added advantage." —, 2023-09-22


  • End chronic homelessness in 2 terms using the Houston-style housing-first model


  • Provide unhoused people with housing on the same day they first present themselves

    "Currently, people in Manitoba who are homeless must be considered “chronically homeless” for six months before they can qualify for housing. This policy means that we will never end homelessness. Manitoba Liberals will adapt the progressive model where those who present themselves as unhoused will receive appropriate housing that same day. We will create a dashboard linked to supports to help people and organizations navigate to the help they need including accessing food, social services, shelter, and warming locations." — Dougald Lamont & the Manitoba Liberals — Real Choice, Real Change

Rental housing

We don't have any PC policies on Rental housing.


  • Increase the renter's tax credit to $700
  • Prevent landlords from applying for unnecessary/large rent increases

    "The Manitoba NDP will bring in legislation that strengthens rent control by preventing landlords from applying for unnecessary and large rent increases and prevent them from passing along increases that have not been approved. Under the NDP’s plan, landlords would also be prevented from revoking or reducing rent discounts within the first year an above-guideline increase is implemented. Kinew also promised to create oversight of affordable housing to protect seniors and other renters and bring in a $700 tax credit to make rent more affordable." —, 2023-08-25

  • Remove the PST from new rental builds
We don't have any Liberal policies on Rental housing.