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Zac Miller

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Zac Miller is a dedicated community activist and volunteer. Working with the Kawartha Lakes Health Coalition, he’s helped improve healthcare and long-term care in our region. Zac has listened to the concerns of everyday people. He’ll make sure we’re creating real, positive change to get you the care you need.

Growing up in the City of Kawartha Lakes, Zac has seen the challenges our communities face. He’s seen successive Liberal and Conservative governments in Ottawa leave our families behind. During the pandemic, Justin Trudeau said some pretty words but let workers and small businesses struggle, while Canada’s ultra-rich made record profits.

Zac knows that Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock needs a Member of Parliament who will change the status quo and make sure Canada’s pandemic recovery works for you. Zac will fight to create thriving communities, where people have the support they need. He’s ready to make life more affordable with investments in affordable housing and help create good jobs for workers.

Zac is ready to be a strong voice in Ottawa and ensure we have better healthcare services in our community. He knows we need to make our health system truly universal, so everyone can afford their prescription medication, mental health care, and dental care. Zac will make sure seniors, and individuals in care, are safe by establishing a higher standard of care. And he’ll help protect long-term patients, and families, by taking profit out of the system.

Currently completing a master’s degree in Information, Zac holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. He understands that good education and skills training are vital for helping young people start on the right foot. Zac believes everyone should start their careers right, without the burden of thousands of dollars in student debt.

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