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Personal Freedom, Individual Responsibility, Respect, Fairness

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Home is Fenelon Falls. Retired after a successful 42 year career as an IT business professional. Expertise in Economics, Job Markets, the Information Technology industry and physical fitness ( I am an athlete). I am principled, analytical and focused. B.Sc. Two grown daughters.

I am your best choice for MP. I bring better experience to this riding than the other candidates if prosperity for everyone is your goal.

 I worked for over 40 years in the Information Technology sector of which 35 were as an IT Recruiter. I have interviewed over 10,000 candidates for thousands of jobs. None of the other candidates understands the dynamics at job markets as well as I do.

In addition, our world is being rapidly transformed under the influence of many emerging technologies and my technology experience will enable me to understand these forces in light of public policy.

Finally, my knowledge of Economics is very strong. All public policy decision have economic consequences. Any candidate who lacks this knowledge is not worthy of your consideration because he or she will be unable to understand policy decisions in light of their Economic risks.. I plan to protect Canadians from bad economic decisions. In practical terms, my expertise in these 3 areas can be put to good use in the most critical aspects of this riding - JOBS.

If elected, I pledge to pursue an agenda that will reduce taxes and red tape. By removing the the govern-imposed barriers to investment in our riding, we can attract new employers here and also retain our existing employers.

This is the best plan to improve our economy, expand our tax base and provide more stable and rewarding employment prospects for everyone who wants to work. Technology will play a huge part in worker productivity and I will use my IT lens to seek out and exploit advantages for our citizens.

This is the right plan to create great jobs and improve prosperity for everyone.