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Miscellaneous platforms

Here's everything the Manitoba 2023 parties are promising that we couldn't fit in elsewhere.

Arts and culture


  • Invest $8M more annually in the creative sector

    "Kinew also announced a new $8 million annual investment in the creative sector to support local artists and festivals, musicians and performing arts organizations with both capital funding and grants." —, 2023-09-20



  • Increase the donation tax rebate from 10.8% to 20% on the first $200 contribution, and from 17.4% to 25% on contributions over $200

    "This change will increase the rebate on the first $200 charitable contribution from 10.8% to 20%, and contributions over $200 from 17.4% to 25%. As a result, Manitoba will have the most generous charitable tax credit in the country." —, retrieved 2023-09-17

We don't have any NDP policies on Charities.


  • Provide wage subsidies for not-for-profits and other organisations working for public benefit

    "Create the ‘Manitoba Works for Good’ voluntary jobs program which will provide wage and job subsidies for not-for-profit and other organizations to provide work for the public benefit and for community improvements projects." — Dougald Lamont & the Manitoba Liberals — Real Choice, Real Change

First responders


  • Provide $5M for services for first-responders with PTSD
We don't have any NDP policies on First responders.
We don't have any Liberal policies on First responders.

Francophone culture

We don't have any PC policies on Francophone culture.


  • Increase funding to le Centre culturel franco-manitobain to $900K/year
  • Restore the Bureau D'éducation Française and Association of Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities

    "Strengthen and restoring the Bureau D’éducation Française and Association of Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities with stable long-term funding"

  • Increase francophone immigration targets


We don't have any NDP policies on Liquor.
We don't have any Liberal policies on Liquor.



  • Provide a $1M/year budget for a renamed Military Envoy office to provide veterans assistance accessing federal and provincial services

    "Additionally, the PC Party plans to transform the Military Envoy office into a Military Affairs Secretariat, allocating an annual budget of $1 million for the Secretariat to serve as a direct point-of-access for veterans to receive assistance accessing services they require through both the federal and provincial governments." —, 2023-09-23

  • Provide $250K to help upgrade the Winnipeg Kinsmen Veterans Village

    "In a groundbreaking move, the PC Party unveiled a pledge to grant $250,000 to support the Homes for Heroes Foundation’s sustainability plan in the Winnipeg Kinsmen Veterans Village. This funding will aid in retrofitting and efficiency upgrades, ensuring veterans in the village benefit from energy-efficient homes while contributing to a more sustainable future for all Manitobans. Lower maintenance costs for veteran residents will be an added advantage." —, 2023-09-22

We don't have any NDP policies on Veterans.
We don't have any Liberal policies on Veterans.