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Michael Manchen

PPC candidate for Yellowhead
Freedom and Prosperity. A free person always prospers. Yet everywhere you look, someone want's to tell you how to live your life or do your job. All the while taking an ever growing piece of your pie. That has to stop.

Climate Change & the Environment

Carbon Capture & Storage

Michael Manchen's promise

CO2 is plant food. Green houses produce it to grow crops. In fact, increasing CO2 by 300PPM would increase wheat production by 68.9% Taxing the air is just another tax on your liberties.


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II believe in Freedom and Prosperity for all Canadians. With over 25 year in the Oil & Gas Industry, I get it. We are the only true Federal Conservative party here to stand up for your rights and freedoms.

My name is Michael Manchen, I am a candidate in the upcoming Federal Election for the People's Party of Canada - Yellowhead Riding.

I was born in Barrhead, raised in Innisfail and now reside East of Wabamun in the country.

I have been Married for 28 years, we raised 2 strong independent sons.

We love this country and want it to be the best it can be.

We are sustenance hunters and love the outdoors.

I had a wonderful career in the Oil & Gas industries for over 25 years. First as a B-Pressure welder at the age of 21 then Oil Operations at the age of 26. Continued onto Gas operations, supervision and regulatory.  At 34 we bought an apartment building, and by 43 I went on to be a full time landlord when we voted poorly in 2015.  I really enjoy the feeling of providing homes for people, and keeping the standards high.

This path allows time for me to be here at this time of need to be the loud voice of the Yellowhead region.

My wife Debbie owned a Gym for 10 years that we built ourselves.

We started up a play school when our children were young.

I was also a Fire & Rescue member for 15 years.

Now it's time for me to be here for a larger purpose, to give us back our Freedoms and Prosperity.

Never would I have guessed that freedom of speech and expression would be a problem in Canada. A Freedom I will get back.

This campaign is now a battle of the vaccine.

Remember when they promised if we got 70% vaccinated, we would be free?

That was a lie.

The People's Party Of Canada... and ONLY the PPC is against Vaccine Passports.  It is Your choice to get the flu vaccine. Your choice to lock down and your choice to be Free.

If this doesn't give us a majority government, then we just didn't get the word out.

On Vote Splitting... Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

We need change, that change is now.

Michael Manchen

780 870-8856

Reason for running

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We need change, that change is now.

If you are reading this, I don't need to tell you why we need change.   Just know, I'm your guy to get it done.

I'll use a big red delete button on almost everything the liberals have done to erode our freedoms.