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Melanie Holm

Green candidate for Niagara Falls

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Melanie is ready to tackle the Climate Emergency!

Melanie has volunteered, been a volunteer coordinator, been a teacher, worked for Canada Post, worked at a winery, worked in retail, made sandwiches, sold books, run a local subscription box, and is currently managing life at home with her two kids.

Melanie grew up in the interior of British Columbia and moved to Niagara Falls with her husband just over 10 years ago. Melanie enjoys hiking, baking, gardening, and reading. She is involved in the local artisan community and enjoys making pottery.

Melanie has been an environmentalist for as long as she can remember; it all started when she tossed an orange peel on the ground as a child and watched it decompose incredibly slowly on her walks to and from school. She was fascinated by the process and as a result become much more aware of what happens to our waste. She has also seen the effects of climate change around her and she is very concerned for the future.

Reason for running

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Melanie believes climate change needs to be given greater priority.

Melanie is running in this election because she believes climate change is the number one issue we are facing as a world. She is disappointed in the progress we have made towards protecting our environment and reducing carbon emissions across the country. Locally, she would like to see better protection of the remaining wetlands, including buffer zones around them and all other waterways and agricultural areas. She would also like to see all levels of government working in collaboration to improve both the health care system and the housing crisis. Melanie also recognizes that the major issues facing Canadian’s today are having a disproportionate impact on Indigenous communities and Melanie would like to see the Indigenous community included in all of these discussions. Melanie would like a better future for her kids than what they are facing currently, and she is willing to do the work to make that happen.