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Brian Barker

NDP candidate for Niagara Falls

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from their website
A father, teacher, and labour leader, Brian has been a champion for our community. Brian has seen consecutive Liberal and Conservative governments help Canada’s ultra-rich while working families were left behind. He knows it's time to support everyday people and make life more affordable by reducing costs on prescription drugs, child care, and housing.

Brian knows that the pandemic was unimaginably difficult for people in Niagara Falls. He saw young people forced to put their lives on hold, workers struggling to make ends meet, and our local businesses shut their doors. When people needed help the most, Justin Trudeau left us behind. Brian is committed to making sure Canada’s pandemic recovery is working for you, not the ultra-rich who profited during the pandemic.

Brian will deliver a pandemic recovery that makes life more affordable in Niagara Falls. He knows we need to invest in secure jobs that pay a livable wage and make sure everyone has a safe place to call home. It's time to develop a sustainable recovery with good jobs, bold emissions targets, and good public services at home.

Brian is ready to stand up for our community and fight for you as your Member of Parliament in Niagara Falls.

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In the meantime, you can learn more about them on their website.