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Bailey Bedard

PPC candidate for Calgary Heritage

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Bailey came to visit Calgary in 2020 and quickly came to appreciate the city and province. He moved into the riding of Calgary-Heritage in early 2021 from Whitby, Ontario. Bailey currently works in Restaurant Management. As a young Canadian, Bailey is deeply concerned about the current trajectory of the Dominion. Canada’s record-shattering debt levels, high cost of living, and growing ensnarement in China’s sphere of influence has driven Bailey to run for election with the People’s Party of Canada.

Bailey sees the Conservative Party as being complacent, and content with just getting by in the polls. Comparatively, he sees only the P.P.C. bringing bold policies to truly generate action for the better in our Country. Bailey is proud to stand alongside the Party’s other Nominees as we move forward to bring responsible governance back to Ottawa.

Contact Bailey: [email protected]

Bailey's Website, Twitter, and Facebook page are linked below. 


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