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How to vote in the 2023 Alberta general election

How to vote in the 2023 Alberta general election

  1. We'll walk you through things, step-by-step. Make sure to fill out everything you can!
  2. Then, we'll draw up your full plan to vote. You can print it, save it as a PDF, or have us send you a reminder text!
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Can you vote?

Check every box that applies to you:

You can vote in the Morinville-St. Albert election!

Are you registered to vote?

If you're not registered, don't remember registering, or are registered at an old address, you can still register at the polls.

Who are you voting for?

We'll help you decide with 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Compare the party platforms

Step 2: Review the candidate profiles

Step 3: Come back here and choose your pick

Need another look at your options?

Kurt Klingbeil
Dale Nally
Wayne Rufiange
Karen Shaw

Your pick for MLA

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When and where will you vote?

Voting is over for this election.

Are your friends voting?

Help spread a little democracy! Do one of the following:

Why we're asking you to spread the word

If we want to keep our democracy, we have to use it, even when what we're voting on seems really small and local. And all most people need to go out and vote is a little push from a friend!

Your plan to vote




What to bring

1 piece of Government-issued photo ID, including your full name, current address, and photo.

2 pieces of ID with your full name, one of them with your current address.

Have another registered voter in your voting area vouch for you.

Have an authorized signatory complete an attestation form.

Be on the safe side: Bring extra ID if you can.
Examples of acceptable ID
Show examples of acceptable ID
  • Government-issued ID:
    • AISH Card
    • Alberta Forestry Identification Card
    • Alberta Health Care Card
    • Alberta Natural Resources (Conservation) Card
    • Alberta Service Dog Identification Card
    • Alberta Wildlife Identification Number (WIN) Card
    • Birth Certificate
    • Canadian Citizenship Card or Certificate
    • Canadian Forces Identification Card
    • Canadian Passport
    • Canadian Pleasure Craft Operator Card
    • CANPASS, FAST, or Nexus Card
    • CATSA Identification Card
    • Certificate of Indian Status Card
    • Firearm Possession and Acquisition (PAL) Licence
    • First Nation Membership Card
    • Fishing, Trapping, or Hunting Licence
    • Government Issued Cheque or Cheque Stub
    • Income Tax Assessment
    • Letter from a Public Curator, Guardian, or Trustee
    • Library Card
    • Marriage Certificate
    • Métis Nation of Alberta Citizenship Card
    • Métis Settlement Membership Card
    • Old Age Security (OAS) Card
    • Outdoors or Wildlife Card / Licence
    • Property Tax Assessment or Evaluation Notice
    • Public Transportation Card
    • Social Insurance Number
    • Statement of Government Benefits
    • Vehicle Ownership or Registration Certificate
    • Veterans Affairs Health Care Identification Card
  • Privately-issued ID:
    • Employee Identification Card
    • Residential Lease or Sublease
    • Membership Card (Service Club, Fitness or Health Club, Political Party, Retail)
    • Utility Bill (Electric, Gas, Water, Cable, Telephone, Internet)
  • ID from a financial institution:
    • Account Statement
    • Bank or Credit Card
    • Insurance Policy Certificate or Statement
    • Mortgage Statement
    • Pension Plan Benefit Statement
    • Personal Cheque
  • ID from a healthcare provider:
    • Alberta Health Services – Patient Wristband
    • Canadian Blood Services Card
    • CNIB Identification Card
    • Hospital or Medical Identification Card
    • Prescription Bottle Insert or Container
  • ID from an educational institution:
    • Correspondence from an Educational Institution
    • Student Identification Card
  • ID from a religious institution:
    • Baptismal Certificate
    • Confirmation Certificate

Your pick for MLA

Kurt Klingbeil Green Party of Alberta
Dale Nally United Conservative Party of Alberta
Wayne Rufiange Alberta Party
Karen Shaw Alberta New Democratic Party

Keep a copy of your plan

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