VoteMate helps Canadians vote.

VoteMate helps you vote in Canadian municipal, provincial, and federal elections.

Making a plan to vote

We put all the info about an election into a single, step-by-step process that helps you make your plan to vote. That includes polling dates and places, eligibility requirements, the ID you'll need to bring, and even text message reminders to vote.

Party and candidate platforms

We put the candidates' and parties' policies in one place, so you can compare them side-by-side and decide which platform you prefer.

Candidate profiles

Each candidate has a VoteMate profile with info about them. This info is added by our team, collected from various trusted websites, or added by the candidate, their campaign, or their party.

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VoteMate is unaffiliated with all government agencies, political parties, and candidates. It's built as a labour of love and does not receive funding from political candidates or advocates.

Are you a candidate in the current provincial elections?

Here are a few candidates who've already added their profile to VoteMate:
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