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Don McKenna

Keystone candidate for Swan River


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Donnan served in the RCMP for 30 years and retired as a Superintendent in 2019. During his service he served across Manitoba, learned French and became bilingual.

Donnan took charge of Operational Policy and Compliance for the RCMP in National Criminal Operations. Donnan was the Canadian Contingent Commander on the Nations United Mission to the Ivory Coast during the conflict. He oversaw the creation of the Crime Reduction Strategy for Alberta then transferred to Grande Prairie, as it was the highest on the crime and violent crime index in Canada. Maclean's Magazine had it listed as Canada's most dangerous city. By working with the community, partners, city administration and councils and introducing crime reduction strategies, crime was brought under control and the year that Donnan retired the city had fallen to the ranking of 31 on MacLeans list . During this time Donnan sat on the board of the John Howard Society, the PACE Sexual Assault Centre, the Caribou Child Advocacy Centre, the Alberta Death Review Committee and I was the Security Chair for the Alberta 2018 Summer Games. Donnan's experience has given him a strong foundation in knowledge and skills to address issues that are important to Manitobans.

Reason for running

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Neither of the legacy parties offer substantial differences and they are unresponsive to the constituents. Crime has risen to unacceptable levels, Healthcare and Education are overburdened, fiscal and resource management has been poor. Manitobans deserve better.

Presently Manitoba Hydro has a 20 billion dollar debt. Both legacy parties take turns syphoning off over 300 million annually from Hydro's coffers. Interest rates and inflation are climbing, a day is coming soon when Hydro will struggle to make its' debt payments. In the meantime Hydro infrastructure and equipment are in need of upgrading. Poor fiscal and resource mismanagement is slowly leading to the loss of Manitoba Hydro as a publicly owned utility at an accelerated rate. We cannot allow that to happen. Front line service providers are overworked and the fundamental structures Manitobans depend on are stretched to the limit. The time is now for finger pointing between the legacy parties to stop. We have to return to functional government.