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Maureen Curran

Maureen Curran

Green candidate for Burnaby South

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Maureen has an MSc in nuclear physics and teaches math and science in Coquitlam. She's raised her two boys here in Burnaby/New West for 15 years, and was an active part of her community. Her recent work stopping the TMX pipeline is what lead her to decide to run for office!

From coaching little league to participating on local cycling advocacy committees, fundraising for an accessible playground or running clubs at her school, Maureen has always been there to lend a hand.  She believes we all have a role to play in building a strong community, one that cares for each other and values diversity.

A coordinator with Protect the Planet Stop TMX, Maureen is a peaceful land defender. She’s spent days and nights in a tent suspended above the Brunette River, defending the urban forest that is slated to be destroyed to make way for a tar sands expansion pipeline. As a scientist, Maureen understands the planetary emergency is so dangerous that we must do everything we can to prevent it.

Maureen is a candidate you can trust to give her all in helping make a better Canada: one that puts the needs of all families at the forefront and that takes fully to heart the responsibilities of reconciliation and stewardship.

Reason for running

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I am just a citizen like you who got tired of being told we can't afford a healthy or safe planet. We need change. We have too many crises and leaders who are afraid to make the bold decisions needed to create a strong, green economy and a healthier, safer future for our kids.

Health care needs to be expanded - it has to include mental health, prescriptions and at least some basic dental to be comprehensive.  Every bit of money spent on prevention will save us in the long run.

We need fairer tax systems and less loopholes.  We need a more just and equitable society.  There is no way we can keep letting the gap between the wealthy and poor keep expanding like this - homes are unaffordable and wages are stagnant.

By investing in a green economy we have the opportunity to create new homes and many new jobs, to support local businesses and make our neighbourhoods more connected and vibrant.

Thank you in advance for our support!  I know that, together, we can make Canada better!