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David Reid

I would be a representative who pledges allegiance to the riding & the people of Alberta.
Voters -you have a choice- there are more than just 2 political parties. The Independence Party of Alberta is committed to the success, prosperity and sovereignty of Alberta.

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I and my wife (Eileen) live just east of Innisfail for the past 9 years and we enjoy the serene settings of the country life.

My family and I relocated to Calgary, Alberta from B.C. when I was 5 years old.

I grew up in the aviation world by working in my father’s business as a youth who loved the mechanical aspect of the trade. I honed my research abilities by trouble shooting aircraft systems and reviewing the aircraft publications.

I am an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer by trade with 40 years of experience thus far. I have also been an aircraft maintenance Instructor and Director of the school I taught at. I have also owned my own business which provided aircraft maintenance to the aviation businesses within Alberta. Being in the aviation business has allowed me to visit and work in most areas of Alberta which exposed me to the various settlements and people.

Reason for running

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I am entering the 2023 provincial election as an MLA candidate in the Innisfail – Sylvan Lake riding as a sovereign Albertan who is genuinely concerned with the future of our province that is in the grasp of the not so transparent Federal and Provincial governments.

The people of the Innisfail – Sylvan Lake riding would be receiving a representative who pledges his allegiance to the riding and the people of Alberta as a whole.

I am a person who can communicate very well whether in calm or stressful environment and provide clear critical thinking. I have attention to detail which allows me to flush out not so transparent information. I am loyal, honest, trustworthy and I have integrity and empathy. I have many years of leadership skills which provides the foresight to step back when someone else has more experience in certain areas.