This is a page from the 2023 Alberta general election.
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Miscellaneous platforms

Here's everything the candidates in Edmonton-Rutherford, and their parties, are promising that we couldn't fit in elsewhere.

Arts and culture

We don't have any UCP policies on Arts and culture.


  • Increase funding for the Alberta Foundation for the Arts by 50%
  • Create a capital grants programme to support projects in urban centres
  • Create a Live Entertainment Advisory Council

Domestic abuse and sexual assault


  • Run a two-year, $3M advertising campaign to expand awareness of Clare's law

    "Clare’s Law protocol allows Albertans to submit applications to obtain information regarding an intimate partner’s possible history of domestic and/or sexual violence victimizing partners or children." —, retrieved 2023-05-09

  • Provide an additional $10M over four years to women's shelters
  • Provide an additional $10M over four years for sexual assault counselling
We don't have any NDP policies on Domestic abuse and sexual assault.



  • Provide $5M more for K-country trail improvements in 2024
  • Develop over 900 new campsites for comfort camping over 10 years

    "Develop more than 900 new campsites and several new locations for comfort camping over the next 10 years." —, retrieved 2023-05-22