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Affordability platforms

Here's what the Alberta 2023 parties are promising.

Cell and Internet services

We don't have any UCP policies on Cell and Internet services.



  • Provide universal access to $10-a-day daycare by 2026


  • Bring fees down to $10/day by the end of 2024
  • Provide $10/day before- and after-school care
  • Double the per-space funding grant to non-profit childcare operators from $5K/space to $10K/space

    "We will double the per space funding grant to non-profit child care operators to create more child care spaces from $5,000/space to $10,000/space." —, retrieved 2023-05-19


We don't have any UCP policies on Pensions.


  • Keep Alberta in the Canada Pension Plan, and pass legislation preventing future governments from withdrawing from CPP
  • Expand private workplace pensions
  • Return to a joint-governance model for public pensions
  • Allow public school teachers to leave AIMCo
  • Remove the Finance Minister's power to direct investment decisions at AIMCo

Poverty and the minimum wage

We don't have any UCP policies on Poverty and the minimum wage.


  • Index the minimum wage to inflation
  • Review income supports to address gaps

    "As part of the review, we will consult on:

       Eliminating the discrimination in Income Support eligibility and amounts between Barriers to Full Employment and AISH.

       Removing unfair clawbacks and asset thresholds that keep people in poverty and are disincentives to training and employment.

       The Income Supports Appeals Secretariat to improve accessibility and reduce poverty." —, retrieved 2023-05-27

  • Permanently index benefits to inflation

Public transit


  • Begin work on the north leg of the Green Line LRT

    "The Alberta NDP is committed to supporting the Calgary Green Line LRT through an investment to begin land acquisition for the north leg of the project. Once completed, the north leg of the Green Line will extend from 16 Avenue North to 160 Avenue North." — Building a Better Future for Calgary, retrieved 2023-05-22

Seniors' benefits

We don't have any UCP policies on Seniors' benefits.


  • Immediately increase the Seniors Benefit, Income Supports, and AISH payments to match inflation since 2019, then index them to inflation

Tax measures and rebates


  • Create a new 8% tax bracket on personal income under $60K

    "A re-elected UCP government will create a new 8% bracket on income under $60,000. This means every Alberta earning $60,000 or more will save $760 – that’s over $1,500 per family! Albertans earning less than $60,000 will see a full 20% reduction to their provincial tax bill under this tax cut." —, retrieved 2023-05-09

  • Extend the fuel tax suspension until 31 December, 2023

    "A re-elected UCP government will also extend the Fuel Tax Holiday until December 31, 2023, saving Albertans 13 cents per a litre at the pump." —, retrieved 2023-05-09

  • Index all tax brackets to inflation
  • Legislate that government can't increase personal or business taxes without a referendum

    "This commitment to lowering taxes builds on our No Tax Hike Guarantee, the UCP’s pledge to not increase personal or business taxes. We will formalize this guarantee in government by expanding the Taxpayer Protection Act to ensure no future government can increase personal or business taxes without first getting approval from Albertans in a referendum." —, retrieved 2023-05-09


  • Freeze personal income taxes
  • Not bring in a provincial sales tax
  • Freeze auto insurance
  • Provide a tax credit for kids' activities up to $500/child/year

    "We will introduce a Kids’ Activity Tax Credit. This will provide parents with up to $500 per child per year to pay for activities, including sports, dance, music lessons, and more."


We don't have any UCP policies on Utilities.


  • Investigate electricity prices to improve competitiveness, reliability, and affordability in the long-term
  • Implement a 12 cents/kWh rate cap from to prevent price spikes from July to September