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Bert Seatter

SM candidate for Lesser Slave Lake



SM's promise

Affordable daycare is essential.

Food prices

SM's promise

Support our Alberta Farms and create abundance of locally grown food.

Fuel and transportation costs

SM's promise

Reduce fuel Taxes

Tax measures and rebates

SM's promises

Lower taxes
Tax revenues stay in region where they are generated
No provincial Sales Tax
No tax hikes without referandum
Index all tax brackets to inflation

Climate Change & the Environment

Active transportation

SM's promise

We will support and maintain all public transportation systems, stream-lining where possible, and expanding where necessary.

Climate adaptation

SM's promise


Energy generation

SM's promises

Revive the Energy patch in Alberta
Build our own refinery and make Alberta the OIL Capitol of the WORLD!


SM's promises

Responsible management allows for healthy industry.
Clean up forest fire hazards and debris


SM's promise

Do not sell our land to foreign Interests like CHINA...


Diversity in schools

SM's promises

Stop the indoctrination of our children
Mandatory outcomes expectations metrics for teachers
Ensure additional resources available for children struggling to maintain basic literacy
Parents have the option to opt out of classes.
Parents have a say and RIGHT to know.

Indigenous learning

SM's promise

Ensure additional resources available for children struggling to maintain basic literacy

K-12 funding

SM's promise

Education funding follows the student

Learning needs

SM's promise

Proper education of our children is a high priority. Budgets must fund the requirements to deliver a HIGH quality and meaningful curriculum decided upon mutually between school boards and PARENTS.

School curriculum

SM's promise

Review and revise the current WOKE curriculum ensuring consultation with Parents. Back to the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic.

School vaccination

SM's promises

We will over see a review of vaccination mandates and practices.
Leave medical decisions with the PARENTS, where they belong.

Student mental health

SM's promise

Always of primary importance, student mental health again, belongs more in the domain of the Parents who should always be informed.

Health & Healthcare

Dental care and optometry

SM's promises

Look at ways to include these benefits into existing AHC for all.
Nobody should go without dental care

Drugs and addiction

SM's promise

Stop the OPIOD and addiction Crisis

Review policies with respect to opiod distribution in places like the Calgary remand center and other reformatories, homeless facilities and correctional facilities.

Gender-affirming care

SM's promise

Legislate PARENTAL Controls with respect to minors seeking Gender-Affirming care.

Health staffing

SM's promises

Rehire non-jabbed with no requirements to take any unwanted medical treatment.
Recruit Healthcare professionals from across the country
Fast-track current backlog of 69,000 surgeries

Sexual and reproductive health

SM's promise

Defund Abortion

Cherish LIFE, not murder it.

Offer adoption to people on waitlists.

Re-educate our youth. Pregnancy is not a mistake that can simply be erased.

Housing & Homelessness

Affordable housing

SM's promise

Review all government land use to look for opportunities to create affordable and sustainable housing

Jobs & the Economy


SM's promises

No restrictive Climate Hoax Farming Bylaws
Let the Farmers farm!
Ensure food security for Alberta and around the world.

Arts and entertainment

SM's promise

We need to revitalize our arts and entertainment industry.

Oil & petrochemicals

SM's promises

Let the OIL Flow!
Find a way to get pipeline to US!

Research and development

SM's promise

We need to utilize Alberta's world-class facilities like the Alberta Research Council to help our innovative Albertans get their ideas off the ground.

Startups and small businesses

SM's promise

Small business will need a boost to recover from the conditions brought on by the way our government handled the "pandemic". We will look into ways to hasten recovery and revitalize our local economy through limited and audited government spending.

Society & Government


SM's promises

Balance the budget.
Increase revenues

Government ethics

SM's promises

Bring back transparency in government
Hold public press conferences
Recall should be a remedy
Prevent activist judges from personal interpretation of the law
Restore Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Conscience to Alberta
Real consequences for abuse of POWER!
Hold the media accountable. If you promote lies and censor the truth, you are guilty of furthering the crimes of the people lying.

Immigrant settlement

SM's promises

No open Borders!
Legal Immigration is most welcomed.


SM's promises

Have the LEO force review their Oath of Office monthly
Police will enforce only lawful orders
Equal sentencing guidelines and restitution for heinous crimes
Local Police to ensure equal protection and enforcement of law.
Elected Chief of Police to prevent wrongful and biased law enforcement.

Misc. topics

Domestic abuse and sexual assault

SM's promise

Clearer definitions of child sexual grooming are required. We need laws and legislation to limit public spaces being used for such criminal activity.


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submitted by the candidate or their team
Bert Seatter is asking for your support to become a member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta on May 29, 2023 representing Lesser Slave Lake as an Independent Candidate under the Solidarity Movement of Alberta.

Bert has lived most of his life in Alberta. He grew up on his grandfathers homestead in northern Alberta. When he finished school he took great pride in farming the land his grandfather and father farmed. As his father was a bus driver and a truck driver as well, he also took interest in doing those jobs. These interests took him into the Northwest Territories working in the gas fields, then to Red Earth where he hauled oil, then logging in Slave Lake, hauling wood chips, frac sand and grain. Driving truck took him across the three western provinces.

Bert also served on the local volunteer fire department for 29 years and had the privilege of being fire chief for one term.  The department was called out to tackle all kinds of fires including wildfires.  

Bert has always been interested in politics. He volunteered on the local community council serving on the board as well as a board member for seniors housing. He also served as a councillor for 9 years with Westlock County. Being a councillor was a big learning curve, but was most enjoyable and he was proud to see the many accomplishments.  During the time he served as councillor he attended many meetings, sat on many different boards and had the privilege to travel across Canada representing our county.

Travelling was something else he really enjoyed. Europe was the most memorable as he was privileged to travel through many countries. This was during the time when you needed special permission to travel into some of those countries. You had to tell them where you were going, how long you would stay, who you were going to see, how much money you had as well as having your passport and visas in order. 

To this day Bert still enjoy travelling, but prefers road trips. He still lives on the family homestead, but it looks a little different today.  He still loves farming and plants a little grain, watching how well it can grow.  Bert enjoys the quiet times with his wife and family.

Reason for running

submitted by the candidate or their team
End government corruption and bring the province back to the people.

Albertans are being neglected. We need to go back to Regional Health Boards, Regional Policing as well as a reformed justice system. Stop indoctrinating our children.  No more Federal Policing, no carbon tax, no digital banking or ID, no 15 minute cities, no gun grabs, no mandated jabs, no sales tax, no United Nations, no World Economic Forum and no World Health Organization taking away the freedoms of Albertans. Elections would all be done with papers ballots and manual counting.