This is a page from the 2021 Canadian federal election.

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Gord Elliott

Gord Elliott

Independent candidate for Mississauga East—Cooksville

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Born in Toronto in 1951 to Scottish immigrants who came to Canada by ship after WW2. At 17 Gord received his private pilot license . At 21 Gord was fighting forest fires at Birch Island B.C. with the Haida Indians. At 24 he received his Commercial and Multi pilot licenses and got a job offer as water bomber pilot for the Ministry of Natural Resource of New Brunswick. At 29 Gord Elliott was the directly involved in bringing Trivial Pursuit to market. By 2014 Trivial Pursuit sold 100 million games, revenue over $ 2.9 Billion USD, estimated man hours created 10-15 million, estimated leisure hours 1.6 billion hours of family time.

At 53 Gord Elliott cracked the chemistry dilemma of ESD paper which was instrumental in making sticky note paper. The ESD paper that Gord Elliott makes is essential in supporting the Critical Infrastructure Sectors sited by the US Department of Homeland Security. The paper is shipped every three weeks to distributors in the USA, who redistribute to users around the free world. If this paper didn't exist there would be no cell phones! This ESD Paper supports Essential Critical Infrastructures for Medical, Chemical, Semi-conductors ,Computer Chips, and other Critical/Life Sustaining Manufactures across North America and beyond. Every printer across Canada knows Gordon's Print company for his Sticky Notes, example: you have seen them on the walls of Tim Hortons for Camp Day. Gord Elliott has now set his sights on Ottawa because Ottawa has to be fixed.

Reason for running

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Gord Elliott's issue is that his landlord wants to shut his factory down so that the landlord can get more money renting the facilities for BOX STORAGE. The landlord wants to move his rent from $6.75 per sq/ft plus TMI to $12.00 per sq/ft plus TMI. By not renewing Gord's lease he can/will lock him out and scrap all his machines as of Oct 31 2012.

Gord has been at this location for over 16 years the machine that he's using to make the ESD paper has been there since 1990. There is no law preventing the commercial landlords from doing whatever they please. The residential landlords are just as bad using RENOVICTIONS (will not renew leases) as their new tool.

Gord feels strongly that election results should not be determined by the number of signs on the street or the amount of money spent campaigning. Gord will spend less the $500.00 and accept no donations, and use only one mobile sign his 2002 white Ford Van that his wife bought him for her birthday last year.

Gord's factory cannot be closed. In fact, all factories, mom and pop stores, self-employed shop owners, small retail, and the list goes on must all be designated as essential services.