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Martin Kendell

Independent candidate for Burnaby South

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Martin has lived in Burnaby for over 20 years, and currently resides in the Burnaby South riding with his wife of 14 years and their twin children. He has worked for the City of Vancouver for 10 years and has been the Strata Council President for his building for over 10 years.

Reason for running

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Over the years, I have become disillusioned with the amount of corruption and lack of ethics when it comes to federal party politics, and find it depressing that the average voter can no longer cast a "protest vote" without voting for a political party.

By having to do this, you actually reward the political parties by funding their next political campaign with a government subsidy worth $2.50. While this doesn't seem like a lot of money, it adds up quickly when you multiply it by millions of voters who cast their ballots across Canada.

I don't think the Liberals should be rewarded for dissolving the 43rd Parliament of Canada and calling a snap election while the fourth wave of COVID-19 pandemic is heating up.

I also think it is discourteous that the NDP parachuted their leader into Burnaby South in 2019 to get himself elected because we're a "safe NDP riding". The citizens in Burnaby South deserve better than an absentee MP who occasionally drops into the riding for a photo opportunity and to campaign for the NDP-friendly political parties.