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Benjamin Jenkins

NDP candidate for York—Simcoe

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from their website
Benjamin Jenkins is here to fight for you! As a biologist, he knows how urgently we need to tackle the climate crisis. As a renter, he knows what it’s like to worry that your landlord might sell your house from under you or raise your rent beyond what you can afford. As someone who has lived in both cities and more rural communities, he knows the importance of regular, reliable public transit.

Benjamin has always been a dedicated activist and volunteer. He stood up to protest for electoral reform and has helped organize fundraisers for local food banks. He is stepping into federal politics in the wake of the IPCC’s latest report on climate change, which urges immediate action to avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis. Consecutive Liberal and Conservative governments have failed to meet their own emissions targets and Justin Trudeau bought a pipeline. Benjamin is ready to be a leading voice in Ottawa for climate action. He’ll make sure we’re delivering sustainable jobs and building a clean-energy future by putting an end to the billions of dollars of subsidies we’ve given to fossil fuel companies. He’ll make sure we’re investing that money in creating a sustainable future.

Benjamin believes that a better future is possible. He is standing alongside Jagmeet Singh, and New Democrats, because he believes everyone in our communities should have a safe place to call home and have access to afford health care when they need it. He’s standing up to ensure that we’re fighting for strong public transit services that are fare-free and emissions-free. He believes we can create a world with clean water, clean soil, and clean air, so we can all enjoy a healthier and brighter future.

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