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Don Paulin

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Don Paulin is a healthcare worker and community advocate who has fought tirelessly to help build a better future for working families in Saint John–Rothesay. Supporting veterans and vulnerable people during the pandemic, Don knows Canada’s pandemic recovery needs to help everyday people – not the ultra-rich. We need a green recovery that puts working people first, with bold action to combat the climate emergency and create good jobs at home.

Don is committed to fighting for action on the issues that matter to people in Saint John – Rothesay. He believes it is time for positive change that makes life more affordable for you. He’s fighting to expand access to affordable housing, get profit out of long-term care, and help support our local seniors with better care. He knows successive Liberal and Conservative governments in Ottawa have cut services we rely on. He believes delivering better public services to our community is possible.

Don is ready to help make life more affordable for you. He is standing up to ensure everyone can afford their prescription medication, dental care, and mental health services with their health card – not their credit card. He knows families should have a safe place to call home and that young people should start their careers right with a good education -- without thousands of dollars in student debt.

As a Saint John resident, and open about his mixed-race gay male identity, Don is a vocal champion for equality, and inclusivity, in our community. He knows we can build a future where racism, discrimination, homophobia, and transphobia have no place in Canada. An active member of the labor movement in New Brunswick, he’s taken on executive roles within his union locals, to ensure workplaces are safe and workers are treated with respect.

Don currently works in the healthcare sector, caring for veterans and people struggling with mental health issues. Working to upgrade his nursing education, he’s always looking for new ways to help people in need. He is ready to head to Ottawa and start working hard for our community, to help build a future that is more affordable, equal, hopeful, and secure.

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