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Shannon Packham

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I was born in Saskatchewan, raised in small town Manitoba and moved to Alberta in 1996 for better opportunity for our family. I’ve been a teacher for 28 years, among other things, my greatest accomplishment to date is being a mom and a grandma.

I was not secretive in my stance against the restrictions and advocated for people to say no to the mandates and continue living their lives. Pivoting from rallies to advocating for a free and independent nation of Alberta for the APP and then pivoting again to work hard behind the scenes for the independence party is what has brought me to this point. To be honest, people like me don’t have people. We are the people that other people have. That’s why I’m here.

Reason for running

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The reason I decided to run was because we have not had a strong voice for Albertans. The legacy politicians care about themselves and their pay checks with little or no regard for the people they were hired to represent. They’ve forgotten that they work for us not the other way around. 

Truthfully, I’m running because of my children and my grandchildren and my fear of what the future holds for them if I do nothing. Also for the children and grandchildren of all Albertans and my fear of what the future holds for them if I do nothing. 

We have one change to save Alberta for our children and our grandchildren and than means electing independent minded people to our legislature. Our legacies depend on that. 

We need to bring common sense back to our government. No left. No right. All Albertans united in the fight to save what we have worked so hard for all our lives for future generations. This way Alberta truly can become united, strong and free.