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Brent Tyson

AP candidate for Edmonton-Decore


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Brent is a family lawyer and resident of North Edmonton since 1993. He is committed to serving his community and has logged thousands of volunteer hours. As a skilled mediator, Brent has been volunteer counsel since 2005 helping over 1500 couples avoid court processes.

Brent is a well-respected family Lawyer and resident of North Edmonton since 1993. Edmonton-Decore has been his home for the last 20 years. He is a passionate community volunteer, ensuring access to justice by donating his legal services and acting as a family mediator since 2005. He has volunteered as a softball coach and umpire both locally and at the national level, along with countless hours supporting youth sports. Brent is the current President of the Edmonton Blue Crew Umpires Association and proud supplier of officials to the Alberta Indigenous Games.

As a long-standing member of Edmonton's thriving art community, as a board member, actor & theatre producer, Brent understands & is committed to promoting the Arts as an essential part of a healthy society. He is currently the President of ELOPE Musical Theatre, the oldest musical theatre company in Edmonton who are celebrating their 40th Anniversary in 2023. Brent looks forward to representing the citizens of Edmonton-Decore on these and other important issues in the Alberta Legislative Assembly.

Reason for running

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Over the past 30 years I have witnessed significant evolution in Party Politics in Alberta and the evolution of the major parties themselves. The pandemic has created a breeding ground of divisive hatred between camps such that we no longer vote for our core beliefs.

Politics in Alberta has devolved into a hatred for 'the other'. We no longer look at the candidates in our constituencies and match with the one who nearest represents our beliefs and ideals. Instead we hold our nose and vote against that which we despise. I found a home in the Alberta Party (AP) where issues are addressed with evidence based solutions rather than on ideologic grounds. The AP offers a full spectrum of policies and a platform that lends itself to cooperative rather than divisive politics.

My hope is that I can deliver the AP message to all of my constituents and return to an age when integrity, accountability and the rule of law were the hallmarks of every public official.